1972 Rolex OP Silver Frosted Air King

  • Brand - Rolex

    Model - Air King 

    Reference - 5500

    Year - 1.72

    Case materiel - Stainless steel

    Movement - Calibre 1520

    Diameter - 34mm

    Accessories - Steel Oyster bracelet

  • A clean and well preserved reference 5500 Air King with rare frosted linen dial.

    The dial changes between grey and silver and polar white, it is very unusual with a light texture which is not like linen. The lume is lemon and really well preseved and all in tact, as it is in the hands.

    The 34mm case higs the wrist well and comes paired on a Rolex oyster bracelet that would fit a small wrist.

    The case is thick and has small scratches but looks unpolished.

    A superb Rolex and great bang for buck which can only rise in value.