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Less is more with this crisp minimal design...

Gallet Multichron 45 Chronograph

Sold Out
  • Brand - Gallet

    Model -  Multichron 45

    Reference -

    Year - 1960s

    Serial - xxxxxx

    Case materiel - Stainless steel, screwback

    Diameter - 35.5 mm

    Accessories - Leather strap

    Movement -  EP40

  • Gallet Watch Co. made some outstanding chronographs in the 50s and 60s. These are our personal favourite chronographs of the period. 

    This uber clean and close to NOS Gallet Multichron 45 ticks all those boxes. 

    The twin register minimal design with painted arabic numerals is just perfect, less is is so much more with these watches. The movement is signed correctly and running well.

    The stainless steel 35mm case in excellent condition which looks unpolished with brushing on the top edges and facets.

    You would be hard pushed to find a better more historically interesting chronograph for the money.

    The Gallets are seemingly much harder to find in good condition, so this is a piece I urge serious enthusiasts of the brand to buy in the current market.