Incredible EP Chronograph with 'hooked 7' and open "6"  Yachting countdown dial...

1960s Excelsior Park Yachting Chronograph

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  • Reference: EP 4-68


    Year: 1960

    Case: All Stainless Steel

    Dimensions: 37mm excluding crown

    Function: Sports, timing

    Caliber: Ep4-68 Excelsior Park

    Strap: Leather

  • Extremely rare and highly coveted Excelsior Park Yachting Chronograph dating to the 1960s with mint original dial and unpolished case.

    This model was more commonly seen with Gallet branding but have only seen two other examples signed Excelsior Park, which makes this one a bit special.

    Off white dial with Yachting subdial and blue steel hands.

    The 37mm case has thick chamfered lugs and screwback case. 

    The EP-4-68 movement is in great condition and running well with strong amplitude.

    Purchased from a collector in Italy.