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1960s Helvetia Salmon Dial Chronograph

SKU: 036
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    • Case - Snapback, Stainless Steel
    • Dial - Salmon, LNOS condition, Untouched lume.
    • Movement - Column wheel, Valjoux 72.
    • Size - 38mm, Oversized.
    • Strap - Tan, Leather
  • A rare and incredible Helvetia Chronograph with Valjoux 72. Extremly well preserved dial, and case, looks almost unworn except for some light movement marks. The case has razor sharp unpolished edges, the dial is Salmon and extremly attractive. The combination makes for a very special watch, and we've not seen another!


    Notable is the original plexi which has a central raised bubble, the sign that this is the original and hasn't been properly worn in years.