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Rolex Date 1500 Tropical Gilt Dial

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  • Brand - Rolex

    Model - Date

    Reference - 1500

    Year - 1140xxx dating to 1964

    Case materiel - Stainless steel, unpolished case

    Diameter - 34 mm

    Accessories - 7835 Oyster bracelet with 357 endlinks

  • A truly stunning example of a gilt 1964 Rolex 1500 Date which has turned to a deep chocolate colour across the dial with hints of caramel depending on the angle you view the dial. Like a piece of art, it changes at each turn of the wrist and in different lights.

    Whilst the dial is the showstopper here, the case is also of equal standard. The lugs appear thick and angled, with just the right amount of wear.

    The oyster bracelet is in good condition with only a light stretch next to the top links.

    The combination of gilt lettering against the deep brown hue of the dial are something to behold. In constrast to this the later applied 'T's are printed designating the market it was sold to.

    Don't miss the opportunity to buy something truly unique and beautiful.