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1930s Omega Marine 1st Generation

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  • In 1932 Omega introduced its first waterproof watch name Marine. It’s featured a two-part case. In 1936, the Omega Marine was sunk in Lake Geneva to a depth of 73 meters, and in 1937 it was officially certified by the Swiss Laboratory for Horology to withstand pressure in depths up to 135 meters.

    This amazing time piece with rare “importe de Suisse” dial is in exceptional original condition with the flip-clip lock two piece case.

    The original dial is in excellent vintage condition and has stood the test of time well.

    The movement is in great shape and fully serviced by our watchmakers keeping good time.

    This is the source of inspiration for future tank style wristwatches, and ahead of its time in design,  a true collectors piece fit for the museum.

  • Reference: Marine

    Serial: xxxxx 

    Year: 1932

    Case: Stainless steel, two piece case

    Dial: Art Deco style dial

    Dimensions: 24 x 40 mm excluding crown

    Function: Manual winding

    Caliber: 19,4

    Strap: Milanese strap

    Accessories: N/A