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Production: 1939-1943


The Gallet brand has been around since 1466 when Humbertus Gallet, a clockmaker became a Swiss citizen. Being one of the oldest watchmakers in the world they produced some of the most innovative-patented designs ever made for aviation, military, sports and racing. The clamshell was was the first waterproof case design built by Gallet using four screws at each lug point, making it like a sandwich of case dial and movement. Making it one of the most important designs in the history of horological design.


Now, focusing on the dial. Here you will find an “exotic” patina with red scales and deep burnished orange with leaf hands in astonishing condition. World time and 12-hr rotating steel bezel.


Gallet is one brand that has the brand heritage to stand out amongst the crowd in today’s vintage market, for a very good reason.


The Flying officer is believed to be produced upon specific request by Harry S. Truman for the United States Army Air Force. Subsequently, the flying officer became the watch of choice for pilots, and were worn to fly US and UK pilots to victory during WWII.


An iconic watch.

Gallet Flying Officer Truman

Sold Out
  • Case:


    • 34.5mm Stainless Steel 'Clamshell' case
    • Original crown




    • Manual winding
    • Venus 150 
    • Functions accurately




    • Original Radium dial
    • World time dial
    • Original hands  




    • Leather Strap




    NB: One screw is missing on the caseback