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1950s Juvenia Arithmo Calculator Watch

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  • Very rare 1950s Juvenia 'Arithmo' Calculator watch


    • Case - Stainless steel, unpolished 36mm snapback
    • Dial - Uniquely aged dial, clear fonts with little fading
    • Rare original domed crystal
  • From a time when wearing a calculator was cool !


    A unique and fantastically cool Juvenia 'Arithmo' watch that allows its wearer to perform a multitude of calculations using its clever use of logarithmic tables (Don't ask us...)


    The first model released in 1945, had various iterations, some cases with stainless steel and gold, and some with full steel, like this example here. They also had varying slide rules and coin edged bezels. Interestingly it was launched around the same year as the Breitling Chronomat.


    This is a fairly early model using the smooth bezel design and double-domed acrylic crystal. Both rotational. And for aesthetical balance an inner dial with applied gilded numbers and art deco gold hands.


    The 36mm stainless steel case looks almost untouched and in wonderful originally condition.


    The model was fundamental at a time as there was no electronic calculator to perform such tasks. The first calculator slide rules were actually developed around 1630.


    You could certainly name this the first “ smart watch ", sorry Apple!


    Comments - Please note the addition of "fab suisse" on the dial is probably due to importation. This is seldom seen, and a nice 'talking point' to these dials..