A lovely Baylor Super Compressor with blue grey sunburst dial and amazing even patina across the dial. The condition of this watch is close to being lightly used and I haven't seen many that show such a nice dial, all in tact with no pitting or stains. This was a tool watch, and this one probably stayed in a sock drawer it's lifetime. This watch was made by Glycine watch company for Baylor.

1960's Baylor Super Compressor Diver AS 1903

  • Circa 1969




  • 36 mm Stainless Steel, screwback Compressor case
  • Original Compressor hatchet crowns
  • AS -1903




  • Auto 
  • Movement and case signed Glycine & Co. 
  • Functioning well, with accuracy




  • Original grey sunburst dial,
  • Original hands  
  • Pumpkin patina on dial and hands in great condition.





  • Leather band