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Here we have a unique and rare Stainless steel 1960s Breitling Toptime branded by the French retailer UTI out of Besanscon. It is assumed only the largest and most influential distributors sold Breitling (and others) without any mentioning of Breitling on the dial at all. This is fascinating, and most likely these watches were produced at Breitling and then distributed to EU, France. Opening up this watch we see a purposeful covering of the Breitling branding inside the caseback. This has been seen on movement bridges of the 60s in Clebar and Wakmann amongst others. Here the bridge is even engraved 'UTI' showing it was a complete and unique watch to begin with.


The design of this watch is clean, and crisp with exeptionally preserved tritium luminous, and the dial marked "T Swiss T" exactly the same postion as the Breitlings were signed.


The larger 39mm steel case is sharp and looks excellent, as we can see also the same for the casback engravings.


The watch houses a venus 178 movement in excellent condition and running with a high 200s amplitude.


This albino style dial is unique and this model surfaced out directly out of central France where we purchased it to give collectors the opportunity to own.

1960s Breitling UTI Chronograph

Sold Out
  • Reference: 17765-

    Serial: 27xxxxxx

    Year: 1960s

    Case: Stainless steel, scewback, plexiglass

    Dial:  Silver, Tritium luminous

    Dimensions: 38 mm excluding crown

    Function: Manual Chronograph

    Caliber: Venus 178

    Strap: Leather, calf grain