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Built in 1971, in only 1000 units....

when compared to the 4500 believed to have been made of the a384 (similar dial configuration) this iconic line of chronographs were produced with the legendary 3019 HPC hi-beat Automatic movements. From the liquid smoothed, crisp action of the chronograph function, to the razor sharp unpolished, untouched case, this is truly a head turner! It was purchased from first owner in 1970.


The Tri colour dial is in exceptional condition, with lovely even luminous colour across the dial.


The watch has it's impressive Gay Freres signed for Zenith "ladder bracelet" for the completist, So it can be worn as it was in the 70's.


The El Primeros are some of the most interesting Chronographs ever produced in the 70's and there is something unique about their designs that has stood the test of time.



1971 Zenith El Primero a3817