1958 Omega Ranchero 2990-1

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When the Ranchero branding went cold, Omega had to do something to salvage the design, and branding of a watch that had a lot to of offer in terms of design, but wasn't really taking off, partly because of the name and also because other models appeared to have superior attributes, yet, this is the very reason this model is so endearing, stood the test of time, and has reached in to collectors hearts!  Omega simply added the Seamaster script to the equation, in the hopes of salvaging back that brand.


NB: Remember these were only produced around 2 years, making this a super rare and beautiful wristwatch, and highly coveted by collectors. This one delivered to Germany on the 2nd of December, 1958. An amazing watch in our opinion. 


Extract of archive included.

  • The Specs



    •  36mm Stainless Steel
    • Original bowler crown,




    • Manual winding 
    • Caliber 267
    • Functions with accuracy, fully overhauled.




    • Original matte black with original radium plots
    • Original borad arrow hands, radium luminous 




    • leather strap, box, extract of archives
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