We find some watches here at Vision Vintage, but not always one's that manage to capture the essence of what we are trying to achieve, and that which is most important to us, finding condition worthy examples for collectors, and interesting, rare details that come from years of dedicated study.


This 2471 Omega Cosmic is one such watch. Dating to early 1950's, it has one of THE best dials we have ever come across, not only because it is uniform with a natural, light patina, but because it is a rare radium dial version of this model. The last one was sold at Philips Auction.


The reason we don't find many with radium, is simply because they aged badly, and degraded over many years. Not to mention the watches were snapback, so they rarely escaped moisture.


All these factors make this one special watch. The charm of the tropical moonphase wheel for instance, is a sight to behold, and the applied hour radium mass markers are all clean and evenly aged across the dial.


The watch has a high grade 17 jewel manually wound caliber 381. All signed inside the case and on the dial and movement.


This is ONE watch you have to own if you are a serious Omega Collector.

1940s Omega Cosmic Moonphase

Sold Out
  • Case:


    • 35mm Stainless Steel
    • Original crown
    • Reference 2471-7




    • Manual wind
    • Caliber 381
    • Functions with good accuracy




    • Original and untouched dial
    • Applied Omega logo
    • Original radium syringe hands