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Cyma made some of the most interesting designs in the 40s and 50s. This particular dial just shows the way they stretched interesting design and texture in to their pieces. The double tone dial (outer black honeycomb, and applied rose gilt coffin markers..) are already mouth-wateringly good, and then to apply a central cream with lume dots is just bold, and looks astonishingly nice! The condition is really amazing, including the case, dial and hands. This is all in an understated 33,5mm case size, fully stainless steel, and signed 'Watersport'. Cyma had some fun creating this one, and it shows. A rare watch.

1950s Cyma Watersport

Sold Out
  • Case:


    • 33.5mm Stainless Steel
    • Original crown
    • Reference "Watersport"




    • Manual winding 
    • Caliber 
    • Functions with accuracy, winds very smoothly, just serviced.




    • Original bullseye dial with outer black honeycomb
    • Original radium hands




    • Black leather strap from the 40s