1950s Mido Multicenterchrono

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  • Reference: Mido Multi-Centerchrono

    Serial: xxxxxx 

    Year: 1950s

    Case: Stainless steel, screwback, Francoise Borgel

    Dial: Radium dial, feuille hands, rose gilt multiscales

    Dimensions: 35 mm excluding crown

    Function: Manual, Multi-Centerchrono

    Caliber: Mido - Cal. 1300 

    Strap: Original Leather strap

    Accessories: Leather strap

  • This Mido Multi-Centerchrono has been a watch on our radar for some time. Finding the right example with a strong case (designed by Taubert & Fils Borgel) made cases for Patek and Vacheron during the era. The notable feature of this case is the screwback, antimagnetic case design and, and dust cover. And the wide mushroom pushers are just the icing on the cake.

    The dial, whilst busy, has a lot of detail and suprising balance. Note the lack of subdials, and the central red minutes counter. The galvanised black and contrasting rose gilt and cream scales