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A super cool Buckley configuration with some unique details...

1970s Bulova 'Buckley' Accutron

  • Brand - Bulova

    Model - Accutron

    Reference - 218 D

    Movement - Tuning Fork

    Year - 1969/70

    Case materiel - Stainless steel

    Diameter - 34 mm

    Accessories - Leather strap

    Condition - The movment has been tested and  is in excellent condition oberall

  • Bulova created the first tuning fork movments in the 1960s and were considered very innovative for that time and highly accurate. They were considered the most iconic watches made by Bulova and introduced to Basel in 1971. The movements were electronic and used a tuning fork design which oscilates much faster than any mainspring thus creating much more accuracy.

    This second generation Accutron introduced in 1968  is a reference 218 D with date and later Day/Date complication was added.

    The model we have here is a lesser seen variant of the Accutron with a clean white dial and painted Roman numerals very similar to the Buckley dials we see by Rolex during 60s-80s.

    The constrast of cutting edge (at that time) electronic movement vs. the classic white dial is very quirky and unique.

    The off placement of the winding stem also makes it cool.

    You won't find many watches that combine these details in an iconic design with a rare dial variant, and it shows the subtle influences other brands were having on each other during that time.