NOS, as good as it gets for an untouched full set.

NOS Rolex DJ 16620 King Fahd Saudi B&Ps

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  • An extremely rare and fine NOS condition 16620 Datejust with original box & paperwork (hand tag, booklet, calendar card) this logo signed Saudi Crest with King Fahad signature dial is in astounding original condition having spend its life unworn in in its box since the 22nd May, 1992! It is considered Neo vintage in the collecting world.

    The whole set is a treat for the eyes, with the original Chronometer papers that have been stamped by the Rolex agents, and retailers Sadik and Mohammed in Jeddah.

    The dial has a champagne patina and the tritium is perfectly preserved throughout. The dial has the Saudi sword crest and King Fahad signature, and were usually given as gifts.

    The inner outer box is in good preowned condition.


  • Launched in 1988, the Rolex 16620 lasted in to the early 2000s. It was the sucsessor to the 16030 with the engine turned bezel, and was the last Rolex to have this type of bezel. It was also the last to be made of 316L steel before changing to 904L. This reference was fitted with the caliver 3135, not the 3035 found in the 16030.