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Please note: The dial is clean, there are no wearing marks. It is merely the high light intensity of the pictures.

1970s SEIKO Chariot Disco Volante

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  • Brand - Seiko

    Model - Chariot

    Reference - 2220-0310

    Year - 1970s

    Case materiel - Stainless steel, unpolished case

    Diameter - 36 mm

    Accessories - Generic steel mesh

  • A rare and super cool Seiko Disco Volante with blue on grey suede with a similar look to the AP designs of the 70s.

    The Seiko Chariot was Art Deco in style

    The case and dial are a work of art and every attention to detail has been spent.

    This uncommon model is called the 'Chariot'. 

    This example features an extra crisp, and unpolished case and mint denim blue dial.