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1971 FH / Omega Stainless Steel Wristwatch

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  • Brand - Omega

    Model - N/A

    Refererence - N/A

    Year - 1971

    Case No.  - 1776

    Movement No. - 

    Dimensions - 36.6mm, 10.25mm Thickness

    Lume -  Tritium

    Movement -  Omega Automatic Caliber 1012

  • Omega vintage always seems to suprise me with the unearthing of new , previously unheard of models and oddball watches produced in the Swiss golden eras.

    This FH signed watch with its sterile dial design fits in to that catagory, the oddball and minimalism to a otherwise nice, cleanly designed watch.

    The story goes that Omega delivered these watches unassembled to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, or "FH", for watchmakers to put together there.

    Without the original branding you can see how simple and clean the watch really is. This could be a watch produced today at first glance but it has been carefully built by the hands of a Swiss Watchmaker! 

    The other notable cool aspect of the watch is the luminous colour, which is tritium compound.

    A very unique piece of history.